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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another new grandchild!

We have just added a precious, new family member, Giovanna. Even though she was big at 8 lbs., 14 oz., she came quickly and naturally. As soon as I figure out how to add her picture, I will, LOL.

Monday, November 3, 2008

More about the bath, and a personal note

My daughter Beckie, and her son, Matt, have become the proud parents of their second son, Wyatt. He has an older brother, Taylor, who will soon be three years old. Although the title, Grandma, does take some getting used to, it's a lot more fun than non-grandmas might think, and a great reward for raising their own children. :-) We made a quick trip to New Jersey this past weekend to meet the little darling, and it was worth every mile.

Now, back to bathing.

Bathing has been used throughout the ages for therapeutic purposes. We have recorded history of Greeks using baths, from a quick dip in cold water, to more popularly, hot-air baths and hot water tubs, to vapor baths. They were commonly places of social discourse for men, and included business dealings and recreation.

In Archimedes' time, bathers were plunged into vats of olive oil, and then their skin was rubbed with salt to cleanse and exfoliate.

And, why not? Greece was hot and dusty, so it's not surprising that Greeks found a welcome reprieve in the bath.

We don't generally think of bathtime as social time, unless we consider swimming, hot tubs, and although it's a stretch, saunas. As it turns out, we love our private and public baths!

So, go take a bath.

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A final note: please use your right to vote tomorrow. We as citizens have the privilege and responsibility to research issues and candidates and to vote on the persons we want to represent us in governmental affairs. Don't leave the decisions to someone else.