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Monday, December 8, 2008

Tell me more!

I'm sure we're all extremely busy for this holiday season, rushing here and there to shop or to attend events. Even at home, we're cooking and baking and cleaning so that we can accept guests into our homes. It's not easy finding time for ourselves, is it? Even so, we should make it a priority to do so. Eat healthy foods, get exercise and adequate rest. Stay hydrated. They're all important to maintaining a healthy life, even during the holidays. Take time to relax and unwind, too. I'm sure you can guess what I'm about to say as a perfect method of relaxation.

Take a bath!

To continue on with my previous post on bath additives, I'd like to add a few more to our list:

1. Salts - I don't recommend normal table salt, but natural sea salt. Unrefined is best. What's so great about sea salt? It contains trace minerals that table salt does not that will help pull toxins out of the body. Mix these with epsom salts if you're sore and achy.

2. Oils - Use pure vegetable oil in your bath to moisturize your skin and to make it feel soft and silky. Oils contain nutrients such as vitamin A and E.

3. Milk - You may have heard of milk baths, but never tried one. Use 1 - 2 cups of fresh whole milk to the bath or goats milk. Here is a case where fat is good for you!

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Monday, December 1, 2008

More on bathing

Besides relaxing and cleaning, what can a bath do for you? A bath can also be therapeutic. Hydrotherapy has been used throughout the ages for various afflictions of the human body. Old skin cells and even lesions are soaked off, blood circulation is stimulated, promoting elimination of body toxins, and it aids the digestive system.

How do I take a therapeutic bath?

At it's very simplest, a bather fills the tub with warm water that is comfortable, not too hot, and not cold. However, other products can be added to the water to treat specific circumstances.

Here are some:

* Oatmeal - oats are known for soothing itchy and/or irritated skin and conditioning it, as well as relaxing the person using them.

* Baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) - Add a cup or two to the water to soften it, and to make the skin feel silky. It is a deodorizer, also.

* Cornstarch - soothes irritated, dry or itchy skin. Makes the bath feel "silky."

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another new grandchild!

We have just added a precious, new family member, Giovanna. Even though she was big at 8 lbs., 14 oz., she came quickly and naturally. As soon as I figure out how to add her picture, I will, LOL.

Monday, November 3, 2008

More about the bath, and a personal note

My daughter Beckie, and her son, Matt, have become the proud parents of their second son, Wyatt. He has an older brother, Taylor, who will soon be three years old. Although the title, Grandma, does take some getting used to, it's a lot more fun than non-grandmas might think, and a great reward for raising their own children. :-) We made a quick trip to New Jersey this past weekend to meet the little darling, and it was worth every mile.

Now, back to bathing.

Bathing has been used throughout the ages for therapeutic purposes. We have recorded history of Greeks using baths, from a quick dip in cold water, to more popularly, hot-air baths and hot water tubs, to vapor baths. They were commonly places of social discourse for men, and included business dealings and recreation.

In Archimedes' time, bathers were plunged into vats of olive oil, and then their skin was rubbed with salt to cleanse and exfoliate.

And, why not? Greece was hot and dusty, so it's not surprising that Greeks found a welcome reprieve in the bath.

We don't generally think of bathtime as social time, unless we consider swimming, hot tubs, and although it's a stretch, saunas. As it turns out, we love our private and public baths!

So, go take a bath.

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A final note: please use your right to vote tomorrow. We as citizens have the privilege and responsibility to research issues and candidates and to vote on the persons we want to represent us in governmental affairs. Don't leave the decisions to someone else.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why take a bath?

I've started my campaign enjoining everyone to take a bath once each week. You might be wondering why. The answer is that it's good for you! How, you ask? Well, for several reasons, which I will list. These are my opinions, so do with them what you will, although I know it's true. :-)

1. You get a chance to soak, removing impurities from your skin.

2. You can soak in a tub with things that help remove the impurities, such as sea salts and epsom salts.

3. You can soak with products that nourish your skin, including oils, herbs, and milks and emerge clean and pampered.

4. You can relax. It might be your only chance all week long!

Just to tantalize you further, take a moment to close your eyes and picture yourself lowering into the tub of warm water that you have added scented bath salts, bath milks, oils, or herbs to. Do you smell it? You're lying there, submerged up to your chin in the silky, warm water as if you didn't have a care in the world. Enhance your experience with candles and soothing music. Don't fall asleep, but let every muscle relax and tune out for just a little while. Now, wash and shampoo, and get out.

Don't you feel better just thinking about it?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Take a Bath!

No, I'm not commenting on the state of hygiene in America. I'm starting a new campaign of sorts to encourage everyone to take a bath once a week.

Most people in the US, anyway, seem to shower more than bathe. It's all part and parcel of modern living, I understand. Even I take more showers than baths for that very reason.

Nevertheless, I want to encourage you to take a bath just once each week. Pick the day and the time, but take a bath. Imagine immersing yourself in warm water with a bath tea, bath bomb, salts, oils, whatever. Take ten minutes to relax totally; then, clean up and get out. In merely half an hour you have cleansed and relaxed yourself.

There. Doesn't that sound good?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My first post!

Being Easter Sunday, the day we celebrate Christ's death and resurrection, and thus, newness of life, I thought it only fitting to post my first blog today.

We had a pleasant day with many of our immediate family sharing dinner, along with a couple of friends. My teenaged kids had gone to NJ to visit their sister and her family, including our adorable little Taylor. They returned home safe and sound well before dinner. My other daughter and her husband came just in time to eat, so all was well.

Due to my grandfather's health, I will likely be tied up for a little while, and my business will be closed for the week. All orders will be sent out when I return.