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Monday, December 8, 2008

Tell me more!

I'm sure we're all extremely busy for this holiday season, rushing here and there to shop or to attend events. Even at home, we're cooking and baking and cleaning so that we can accept guests into our homes. It's not easy finding time for ourselves, is it? Even so, we should make it a priority to do so. Eat healthy foods, get exercise and adequate rest. Stay hydrated. They're all important to maintaining a healthy life, even during the holidays. Take time to relax and unwind, too. I'm sure you can guess what I'm about to say as a perfect method of relaxation.

Take a bath!

To continue on with my previous post on bath additives, I'd like to add a few more to our list:

1. Salts - I don't recommend normal table salt, but natural sea salt. Unrefined is best. What's so great about sea salt? It contains trace minerals that table salt does not that will help pull toxins out of the body. Mix these with epsom salts if you're sore and achy.

2. Oils - Use pure vegetable oil in your bath to moisturize your skin and to make it feel soft and silky. Oils contain nutrients such as vitamin A and E.

3. Milk - You may have heard of milk baths, but never tried one. Use 1 - 2 cups of fresh whole milk to the bath or goats milk. Here is a case where fat is good for you!

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  1. I wanted to ask--have you tried Dead Sea Salts in a mix? I've been told they should be used by themselves, but that makes for some spendy salts that way.

    What do you think?

    btw it's Serra :) You're welcome at my blog too but be careful if you're easily offended--I save the sarcasm and swearing for the blog and a rare few people have said they were offended so I seldom give my blog addy out.


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