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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring and Body Butter!

Spring is beginning to make it's appearance in my neck of the woods.  Like a baby playing peek-a-boo, we see its happy face for awhile, then it's gone; but we know it will come back.  Soon, spring will stop playing this silly game, and we will shed our winter coats, boots, and gloves.  Oh, how we look forward to that!

I still find, however, that my skin is dry.  It's just not warm enouogh or humid enough to keep things moisturized.  How about you?

This is why I developed Whipped Body Butter, for deep, rich moisturizing.  Made with a majority of Shea Butter, along with other nourishing oils, it moisturizes and makes skin sleek and supple.  I just take a dab and rub it in, wherever I need it most--hands, knees, elbows, wherever.  My friend Janet tells me she just loves it and finds that it's the only thing that helps her dry skin, ravaged by the effects of swimming in a chlorinated pool.

We agree that it sinks right in, feeling oh, so luscious, but not leaving the skin greasy.  In the summer, I like to use it for my gardener's hands and feet.

It's quite likely you've heard of shea butter.  It's been found to be a wonderful cosmetic ingredient from the African Karite seed.  Traditionally a labor of African women, and a business for them, they take the raw material from the seed and process it to clean it and make it the product we use.  I like to make my end product using mostly shea butter, but adding other skin-loving oils until I get a light, airy product.  I add scent and keep some with no added scent, for those who either like the natural or simply want to avoid scents.

Use something you can feel good about, both for your skin and for the environment!  Choose Whipped Body Butter today.

Sampler  -  $5.00
 Jar  -  $9.00

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sobering Times

As a departure from my normal light and informational banter, this post is serious, and there is no ad today.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, but I just felt that it would be inappropriate, given the circumstances.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's March!

March is by far not my favorite month.  

For some of you, it's spring and you're getting out and beginning your gardening.  It's cold and snowy here, and quite windy--not an exciting combination for a warm-weather lover like me, and certainly too early to do any gardening.  Nevertheless, I do appreciate the increased sunshine and the longer days that are evident this month.

The Ides of March are coming up, but who cares, really?  Only Shakespeareans, I suppose.  Did I spell that correctly?   

More interesting, perhaps, is St. Patrick's Day.  Green beer, green clothes, green water (in Chicago, anyway), green everything!  For most of us, whether true Irish or Irish-for-the-day, St. Paddy's Day is a day for at least a bit of celebration.  If you're invited to a party or hosting one, you like to acknowledge your Irish heritage, or perhaps you just like a bit of holiday whimsy in your home, we have something.  It is, of course, soap!  A round soap with a shamrock design, scented in "Irish Mist," and sure to please, is a terrific gift for someone else, or to keep for yourself.  Why not?

This attractive soap is packaged with green shred in a special box.  You won't have to do a thing except hand it to the recipient.  Possibly the best part is that it costs only $6.50! Get a bit of "the luck o' the Irish!"

What do you do for St. Patrick's Day?  Leave me a comment.
Hurry, this is a limited edition soap, and you don't have much time!