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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Three Things I Loved About Portland

Rhodies in Portland

I recently made a combined business/pleasure trip to Portland, OR.  The Board of Directors strategy meeting for the HSMG was held there and involved me, so that was the business part (not to say it didn't include pleasure), and meeting my newest granddaughter was the pleasure part (it didn't include any business, unless one were to call changing diapers, work).

Of course, being the gardener I am, seeing the local flora was also on my to-do-in-Portland list.  I wanted to visit the Portland Rose Garden and see what was growing in the area.

Isabella and Mommy
We came in a little early so we could spend time with our dd, sil, and grandbaby, Isabella.  This is a totally unbiased opinion, of course, but she is nothing less than adorable!  A mostly happy baby, she smiled and cooed and charmed her grandpa and me in a moment.  We loved spending time with her.

She was very nice about taking me to the rose garden, as well.  For those of you who don't know, Oregon is an ideal location in terms of climate for rose growing.  The famous rose company, Jackson & Perkins, began not too far from me in New York, but moved west when somebody saw how well roses grew in Oregon.  After visiting the garden, I could easily see why.  And it isn't just roses that grow well there!  Oh, no, the Rhododendron was absolutely spectacular, with large bushes just bursting with color, from white to pink to purple and red, and every shade thereof!  I even saw one that was blue-violet, which I had never seen before.  Our trip to the garden, with a baby in tow, was short, but not too short to fill my eyes and brain with breathtaking color and beauty!
A gorgeous rose in Portland Rose Garden

The strategy meeting, my first, went very well.  Charting out the course of an organization is never an easy task, but necessary, and I believe that we made some strides and decisions that will benefit the HSMG members for years to come.  I was privileged as a newbie to be in the company of some very smart and dedicated women, working to make the organization the best it could be.

Once we finished the meeting, instead of jumping on a plane for the east coast, we lingered in Portland and visited Multnomah Falls.  It was awesome!  Beautiful, majestic, picturesque, all could be used to describe the waterfall and area.  Again, I enjoyed checking out the flora and took lots of pictures.  Soon, it was time to head to the airport to begin our long trek home, and that's all I'll say about that!  Well, except this note to myself:  "Self, never, ever, book a flight with two stops again!"

Oh, wait.  One more thing about the flight.  It was overcast much of the time during our stay in Portland, so I couldn't see Mt. Hood until the plane went above the clouds after taking off.  Wow!  It was amazing!  We saw not only Mt. Hood, but Mt. Rainier, St. Helen's, and Mt. Adams (I think).

I will say for home, though, it felt good to be back in the warm weather and sunshine!  Photos of Multnomah to follow.


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