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Monday, January 12, 2009

Relaxing Bath Herbs

We're in for severe winter weather later this week. The temps will drop, wind will come, and we'll get snowstorms. Tomorrow will be spent in preparation for the rest of the week--shopping, trying to get the packed snow shoveled up, especially on the stairs that my dogs use, and filling the car with gas. What could put me in the mood for a nice, warm bath better than cold winter weather?

Here is my final post on relaxing bath herbs.

~ Vanilla - simply relaxing and pleasant. I don't know that vanilla will perform any therapeutic function for your skin, but if you like vanilla, it will be pleasant and will probably provoke memories of times past that you treasure. Chopped vanilla beans are just the ticket!

~ Hops - Surprised? Not only are hops used in beermaking, they have herbal use, as well, as a relaxant. Their scent is not unpleasant, and will contribute much to that totally wonderful "I-have-not-a-care-in-the-world" feeling.

~ Passionflower - Desipite its name alluding to something quite the opposite of relaxation, that is what it is known as. You'll love this distinctive flower if you ever see it blooming, and you'll love it in your bath.

What do you want in your bath?

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