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Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Cold!

We had one nice day last week where the temp. rose to a balmy 40 degrees. Rochestarians were reveling in it. I even saw some in shorts! Things are back to normal now, though, temps mostly in the teens.

How do we endure it? Our town's garden club taught a seminar tonight on starting seeds indoors, and I realized that many of us just wait it out, dreaming of spring. I'd go on about the sun caressing my skin with warmth and feeling the grass under my feet, but I don't want to torture myself. Instead, I'll congratulate those of us in the north on our patience and longsuffering.

We did have a good turnout, and the students seemed to enjoy absorbing the information and planting their seeds, so maybe winter isn't all bad. Besides, I can always take a nice, warm bath. . . . ah. . .

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