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Monday, July 20, 2009

Mid-July Gardens

I would like to say I've been outside every day, but the weather has not cooperated! It had been cold and rainy for so many days in a row, I couldn't even count them. Today, however, was just beautiful. Of course, I had to go to work, and the rest of the week is taken up with gathering preparations, but it is nice to have the sun back.

We recently took a trip to MI to see family and had a wonderful time. The trip was long through the States, but rather uneventful, which is the way we like it.

Since we returned, I've done little else, other than finish my Saponifier article, than getting ready for the annual Central New York Soapmakers Gathering, to be held in Binghamton, NY. I'm just hoping that I get everything together in time and don't forget anything! I'm in charge for the first time, so it's all new. If it goes well, I'll be posting gleefully. If not, I may not post at all, LOL. Signs point to a great time, with helpful demonstrations, lots of donations for doorprizes and goody bags, many attendees, and a wonderful hostess, Maria Gelnett.

Check out for all of your soap and bath product needs!

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