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Monday, August 10, 2009

Catching Up!

I guess it's been awhile! In reading my last post, I see that it was before the gathering that took place more than two weeks ago. I am happy to report that the CNY Soapmakers Gathering went very well. We enjoyed good attendance, many vendors were represented with their contributions to the goody bags and doorprizes, our demos were very informational, lunch was delicious, and everyone had fun. All of this and perfect weather at an ideal site. We could hardly ask for more. The weather in general hasn't improved tremendously, although we have reveled in a few sunny, warm days. Too often, though, it seems that if it isn't raining too much to go outside, the mosquitoes run me right back in. I can hardly wear enough repellent to keep them away. Nevertheless, I have to admit that my perennials are quite happy, even if I'm not as enthusiastic. I have posted a photo of my gaggle of geese (Gooseneck Loosestrife), my dog, Beau, with his new hairdo, and some recent soap batches. I've also included photos of the herbs Marshmallow and Mountain Mint. You may be surprised to learn that Marshmallow is an herb, and what's more, it was the basis for the confection we enjoy today. Historically, it has been used for inflammation, among other uses, and eaten by the Romans and other civilizations. Cosmetically, it makes products and the skin feel smoother. The botanical name is Althaea officinalis. Mountain Mint (my variety, Pycanthemum virginianum), is a more unusual type of mint. Even the taste and smell is different than the more traditional spearmint or peppermint. I like it because it is very sturdy, the flowers are beautiful and attract bees, and it dries well to use for potpourris and dried floral arrangements. I have only used it for culinary purposes, mainly tea. In reading up on it, however, I see that I should work to expand my use of it for myself and my family. Cosmetically, it may make the skin look fresher, used in soap or bath, and the mint aroma is very pleasant, of course. It's going on my "to-do" list!

So, what's on special for August? Everything! Anything is 10% off, no minimum order. Just put 10% off in the info. box, or email me,, and I'll make sure you get your sale price. If that's not enough, you'll get a free bar of soap with every $20 purchase. It has to be something I have in stock besides Patchouli. See what's offered at

Not on my site are:
Herbal Bath Teas: Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey, Purely Herbal Blend, Four Milk Blend, and Relaxation Blend - $2/ea.

Liquid shower gel: All natural. 2 oz. for $4; 4 oz. $6.00

Lotion: Hand and body lotion - 4 oz, $7

Foaming Soap: Comes in scents listed on site. Just $7/bottle for 6 fl. oz.

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