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Monday, February 1, 2010

February is for Lovin'

Here we are, it's February already! January flew right by, don't you think? There are a couple of things I like about February. The first is that it's a short month. The second is that soon we will notice the days getting longer. Those are great things! The best thing of all, though, may be Valentine's Day.

I'm not a terribly romantic, pink and hearts kind of person, but V-Day is a bright spot at this otherwise cold and sometimes dreary time of year. I've got some celebration tricks up my sleeve to help you with your special day.

One idea is to surprise your spouse to an overnight stay at a nice hotel. Include dinner and a spa day. Who wouldn't feel romantic?

Not in your budget? Choose one of the above and you'll still be a hero--or heroine.
Perhaps you're on a budget this year, or your situation doesn't allow you to go out. Don't let that dampen your enthusiasm! Some of our best Valentine's memories were in years when we didn't have extra dollars for mini-vacations.

Here is an idea that you can alter to fit your preferences:
Fix your favorite meal. Set the table with a nice tablecloth and napkins, candles, flowers, whatever sets the mood. One year, hubby and I dined in the dining room while the kids dined in the kitchen. We ate shrimp cocktail, and other favorite dishes, and chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert. I don't remember what the kids ate, but it was easy to make, and something they all liked. They watched a movie afterward, while hubby and I had nice conversation by ourselves. Everybody was happy, and thought the day was very special. It was actually quite romantic.

The point is, really, to make Valentine's Day special and romantic, whether expensive or inexpensive, elaborate or simple.

If you have some great ideas, please comment. We'd love to hear them.

Make someone's Valentine's Day with special bath and body gifts. As you might imagine, I've got a whole line for you. Descriptions follow and pictures will be posted tomorrow:

Premium Valentine's gift set: You get one full-sized soap bar, a 4 oz. bottle of luscious body lotion, 1 oz. dry body/linen spray, and rose bath fizzy. Comes in Romantic Rose, unless you request another scent. Beautifully packaged in red. All this for $20!

Petite Valentine's gift set: This lovely set includes a full-sized soap, 2 oz. luscious body lotion, and bath fizzy. This one is also beautifully packaged, ready for gift-giving, and scented in Romantic Rose, unless you request another scent. Just $12 for this set!

Conversation Heart Soap Set - This cute set includes scented soaps that look like oversized conversation hearts. They are packaged three in a row in a clear box with filler. They're adorable, and only $10!

Soap & Heart Petals: soap dipped, scented hearts and petals, nestled on colorful shred in a corsage box. Ready for gift-giving. It's a great little something for a wife, girlfriend, friend, anyone you'd like to bestow a novel, but inexpensive gift on. Romantic Rose scent. Only $5

Scents: Fragrances: Sandalwood and Vanilla, Patchouli, Gingered Orange, Romantic Rose, Blackberry Vanilla, Rochester Lilac. Special requests possible. Essential oil: Lavender, Lavender Patch (lavender & patchouli), or Romantic Herbal Blend (notes of Palmarosa, lavender, and Clary Sage marry to create a provocative blend), or anything on my site,

I couldn't resist posting a photo of my Midnight Merlot soap. It's at the top of the page. :-)

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  1. Thank you Beth Byrne for sharing the details.Wish you in hand before a Happy Valentine's Day ahead.

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