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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Road Trip!

Valentine's Day is over! Between florist work and getting ready for a sale at my daughter's school, I am ready for a break. Soooo, since my girls are off of school for the week, we are heading to NJ tomorrow. One of my other daughters lives there with her hubby and two sons.

I can't wait to see them!

In thinking what to pack, I want to bring things like an herbal first aid kit. I'd put in an ointment for cuts, another for bruises and sore muscles, a sleep pillow and/or eye pillow, ginger caps, chamomile tea, and a few other items, such as elderberry syrup. For those of you who use herbs, what would you pack?

I only make herbal preparations for family, but love to make and use them.

When I return, I plan on making some salt/sugar body glow, a product that exfoliates while you shower. Finally, I have hit upon what to me is the perfect formula. It feels and smells good!

I'm including a photo of my St. Patrick's Day gift set: Get a shamrock soap and body spray in your choice of the following scents: Love My Lavender, Rochester Lilac, Gingered Orange, Groovy Patchouli, Sandalwood & Vanilla, Romantic Rose, and Black Raspberry & Vanilla Bean. It's just $10 all set to give to a special Irish, or Wish-I-Were-Irish lass.

Of course, I can't fill any orders until the end of the week when we return.


  1. hi Beth, have a good trip and don't forget to take some elderberry with you as someone always gets sick when you are traveling.

  2. Thanks Cindy and Karen. Elderberry is a staple of the winter first-aid/health kit!

    Karen, thanks for the compliment. I love making soap. I took a gander at your blog, and your art is amazing!


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