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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lovin' Summer

Why do I like being out in my garden? It is peaceful, the most noise coming from the bird songs around me. I am alone with my thoughts and it gives me time to pray and to contemplate. I love the fresh air, the sunshine, the scent of "green," and whatever flowers are blooming at the time.

Today, I smelled lovely Valerian flowers. What a stark contrast to the dirty sock scent of the roots! I'm wondering if I can use the flowers or leaves in tea or some other herbal preparation. I'll have to do some research on that one. Many of my hardy geraniums are blooming, a welcome sight, for sure. Sweet Cicely, always one of my favorite herbs, is beginning to form seedheads. Soon, I'll have to deadhead so I won't have so many volunteers next spring, although the seeds are tasty to munch on. Roses are blooming with their welcome, heady sweet scents. They are always pleasurable to me, and I must make a point of gathering petals tomorrow. I use them for various purposes, from potpourri to cosmetic oils to syrup.

I have been reading on The Essential Herbal Yahoo Group about rose syrup. Mmm . . . If you love herbs, join the group! It exists for the magazine, "The Essential Herbal," which is a treasure trove of information, recipes, and ideas. Check it out!

Now, it's confession time. I nearly always wear gloves when I garden. Surgery several years ago on a sliver that went right to the bone on my thumb pad convinced me they were a good idea. Today, however, I didn't follow my own rules, and was amazed at not only how dirty my hands could get, but how the mud dried them out! Ugh. Of course, I have the advantage of a good supply of my own gardener's soap, which helps me clean my hands well, without being drying. A good washing, including a brush for under my nails, and my hand lotion, and my hands don't look too much worse for the wear.

Still, gloves are on the agenda for tomorrow. . .

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  1. Valerian flowers are beautifully scented, aren't they? Last year I made a tincture from the flowers, and while the action is milder than the roots, it is a very nice relaxing tincture.
    thanks for the mention :-)


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