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Monday, June 21, 2010

June Blooms

5 for $25! Only $4 shipping for 5 bars! Don't miss out on this one.

Top news for me is that my daughter, Emily, is in Kansas City, MO, competing at Skills USA. They are allowing the first place winners in each state to compete against each other this week. I am so excited for her, I can hardly stand it. She is part of the photography division, and has worked very hard to get where she is. Stay tuned for the outcome! She is also participating in her graduation ceremony on Friday, if all goes according to schedule.

The garden has been fun and challenging. My hubby is helping me reclaim an area of the yard that is overgrown. We live by a woods, so it came to my fallow garden, and now must come out. As a result, we both got poison ivy. We learned that it's imperative to come in and wash thoroughly as soon as you know you've had contact. Do not wait until you are finished with your job. Yuck.

On the fun side, things are growing and blooming like crazy. I've harvested Heal-All, Lemon Balm, and Anise Hyssop. God's natural order of plants is astounding! The great thing is that I purchased a Nikon Coolpix camera on the advice of aforementioned daughter so I can take pictures of everything. My previous camera broke just before the HSMG Conference, so I was without. I'm enjoying the new camera, but it has lots of bells and whistles that will require a learning period in order for me to use it to its full capability. Posted are flower photos, of course. :-)

As far as soap is concerned, I've added two new scents of gardener's soap. The first is Cedar and Sage, which is for men, and the second is Summer Path, for the ladies. Cedar and Sage is very masculine, and one that women like to smell around their men. Summer Path is decidedly feminine, what all that summer offers--grass, herbs, and flowers, rolled into one bar. In the photo above, Cedar & Sage is on the left, and Summer Path, on the right. Of course, we still offer our original bar, with marvelous essential oils that love skin.

So, what are you growing? To take advantage of the sale, please tell me what you're growing. Perhaps you'd like to include what you'll do with it, or your successes or challenges. I can't wait to hear from you!

Soap Sale! Get 5 bars for $25! + only $4 shipping
Scents include: Lavender*, Gingered Orange, Lilac Breeze, Groovy Patchouli*, Black Raspberries & Vanilla, Rice Flower, Mint Medley*, Sultry Sandalwood Vanilla, Fresh Clean Herbs, and Spun Sugar. (*essential oil), Daybreak (spearmint & eucalyptus)


Not on my site, but available for purchase are: Herbal Bath Teas: Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey, Purely Herbal Blend, Four Milk Blend, and Relaxation Blend - just $2/ea. Liquid shower gel: All natural. 2 oz. for $4; 4 oz. $6.00 Lotion: Hand and body lotion - 4 oz, $7 Foaming Soap: Comes in the seasonal Apple Pie, plus Gingered Orange, Summer Tropical, and Lavender. Just $7/bottle for 6 fl. oz.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Did you know that many people in the world cannot afford the basic necessity, soap, and that many become ill and die simply from the lack of something we take for granted? We at Soap and Garden participate in efforts to provide people with life-saving soap.

Thank you for reading, and God bless you.

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