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Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's Still Summer!

It's right around the corner and approaching much too quickly for me.  What is it?  Yes, autumn.  You see, summer is my favorite season, with warm weather, sunshine, and growing gardens.  I can get dressed and walk outside without deciding which coat or jacket is most suitable for the weather and my outfit.  I can watch gardens bloom, and let my dogs in and out with little worry about what they're tracking in.  Walking throughout my yard, and most pronounced at nightfall, I smell the symphony of floral and herbal scents wafting through the warm air.  

What's not to like?  Yes, I admit, it's hot and the grass and weeds grow faster than I can care for them.  It's only for such a short time, however, so I bask in the sunlight, and take shelter in the air-conditioned house when necessary, and attempt to keep up with the Garden of Weedin'.

My campaign is this:  while others are saying that it's autumn as soon as Labor Day ends, I will insist that it's summer, right up until fall officially begins.  Then, and only then, will I grudgingly admit that it is, indeed, fall.  Unless it's hot, in which case, I may not even admit it then.  Perhaps I'll wait until our first frost hits if it's after the first day of autumn.  Or maybe after the killing frost, when I can deny it no longer, I'll finally concede to summer's end.  Or not.  Depends upon the daily temperatures.

What's your favorite season, and why?

 I thought you might enjoy a couple of photos taken at Genesee Country Museum & Village from our excursion there just a couple of weeks ago.

How did August come and go so quickly?  Here we are, sending kids back to school already.  Gardening hasn't let up here, with more than adequate rain ensuring grass growth as if it were still June.  I know you're all busy in your gardens, also, getting your hands dirty and sweating in the hot summer sun.  Feels good, though, doesn't it?  The hard work of harvesting and preserving the crops is here, keeping us all busy!  It's worth every bit of effort, though.

Need a great soap to clean up with?  We offer 4 varieties of Gardeners' soap so that you're sure to find at least one you like.  We carry our Original, with ingredients to really help clean, but yet gentle to your skin.  It contains skin-loving essential oils, too.  Next, we have soap just for men in a masculine Cedar & Sage scent.  Third, we offer Summer Path, a delightful blend of summer garden scents.  Finally, we have a Gardener's salt spa bar that we call, Petal Power.  It is a floral blend.

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