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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oil, Good or Bad?

Life is swimming along for me, more accurately, it's like an olympic race! On the work front, I'm taking a series of classes to further my floral skills. It's total fun for me, being a flower and botanical lover, but it does take time and makes my week just that much more jam-packed. I'm very thankful for the opportunity, nevertheless.

Getting down to the skin business. . . How do you feel about putting oil on your skin? Do you cringe at the thought, or does it feel good just thinking about it?
Read on and learn more about oils and skin care.

You may never have given it a thought, but a general question when talking about oils for skincare arises. What is oil/fat's purpose? Why do we need it?

If you've heard the terms, lipid, fatty acids, Omega 3's, and even anti-oxidants, you're hearing about fats. Internally, fats contain vitamins that help heal, prevent cancer, and so on. They even help fill us up so we may not eat as much. Unlike the low-fat/no-fat mantra of the 80's and 90's, we now know that fats serve a purpose and we need them in moderation.

The same is true of our skin. Fats provide anti-oxidants and other nutrients to our skin, and also fulfill other essential functions in good skin care. They are nothing to be afraid of, even for those with already oily or acniede skin, although certain ones are better for individual skin types.

Now, we can talk about individual fats and oils, and I'll feature just a few at a time so that you can get to know them.

Sunflower Oil - One of my favorite, sunflower is wonderful because it is light with very little odor, making it ideal for many body products. In addition, it contains tocopherols (vitamin E), conditioning fatty acids and carotenoids that make the skin more supple, help prevent wrinkling, and aid in healing. It is also considered non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog pores. Sunflower oil is beneficial for all skin types, as well. Incidentally, studies were conducted that found sunflower oil to help prevent preemies from getting infections in their delicate, thin skin.
What's not to like?

I use sunflower oil in many of my products, such as soap, lotion, body glow, and others. It's probably the one I use most. It makes a very conditioning soap, a light, ungreasy lotion, and with all of the goodies in it, it's a perfect all-around oil.

Sooo. . . this week, I am asking you to comment on my blog. Tell me what your basic reaction is to using oils on your skin. Did you learn anything from the post?

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Have a wonderful week, and thanks for reading.

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