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Monday, March 1, 2010

Photos, What a Day, and New Sale!

Yea! It's March! Spring is coming! Yea!

I'm including a couple of photos of our trip to NJ. I really think I have the cutest grandchildren, and am showing a photo or two of them to prove it. :-) Two of my daughters are also in the photo, and they're cute, too.

*having trouble loading photos, so I will try again later.

What a day--should be entitled, What a Couple of Days!" We have a problem. Our older dog, Tobey, has decided that he hates our puppy, Beau. He attacks without provocation and goes for blood. This time, he succeeded in either biting or scratching Beau's eye, right through the cornea. It was bad, and Beau needed surgery to save his eye.

I was a mess, but with lots of prayers and a good vet, Beau came through surgery with the vet hopeful that he will keep his sight in his eye, or at least keep the eye. I'll go pick him up tomorrow and bring him back home, where I have to somehow keep him separated from Tobey and Mickey. Yikes. His healing is expected to take 4 - 6 weeks.

In happier news, I'm offering an introductory discount on our body glow. It is a salt/sugar/oil mix that is gently massaged on the skin to exfoliate it. Why do we need to exfoliate, you might ask? It's because our skin cells die regularly as we manufacture new ones. Some of those skin cells flake off, but not all of them, especially in certain conditions--oily skin, winter skin, little friction to help rub the cells off, not enough phytonutrients to help keep our glowing complexions, and finally, age. For some reason, the younger the skin, the more efficiently the skin cells come off, but as we age, they become more stubborn, and we need help.

The sugar in the scrub becomes a sort of peel and gently coaxes those stubborn dead cells to come off. The salt adds vital trace nutrients, and both of them aid in exfoliation. Oil is added to moisturize the skin so that it doesn't dry out completely. An emulsifier is added to keep the product from separating and works also, to make the product less oily, both on your skin and in the shower to help prevent slips and falls. On top of everything else, it smells good!

The regular price is $12, but for this week only, it's just $10. Now is the time to try! It comes in the following scents:

Love My Lavender*
Groovy Patchouli*
Gingered Orange
Rice Flower
Mint Medley
Spun Sugar
Fresh Herbs
Blackberries & Vanilla
Rice Flower
Rochester Lilac
Romantic Rose
*denotes essential oils

Don't forget St. Patrick's Day! Get a shamrock soap in Irish Mist, and a body spray in your choice of the above scents, attractively gift packaged in a festive box. Get this set at the attractive price of only $10! Give it as a gift, or gift yourself. I won't tell.

Get your own Erin go bragh, lassie or laddie!

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