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Monday, April 4, 2011

Is it Spring Yet?

Although we will likely get snow before spring and summer slide in for certain, I can say with all certainty that spring has arrived in my corner of the world.  My crocus are blooming, enjoying their place as the stars of the garden.  My earliest daffs are swelling with buds and the promise that they will shortly be smiling at me with sunny faces.  My tulips and hyacinths are no longer hiding their location.

Yes, it is spring and I am ready for it.  My dogs are ready, too!  Beau and Mickey go outside more often and they stay out longer.  All is well--except for the old and too true adage, "after winter comes mud."  Ugh.  My pooches are tracking in so much dirt!  We (I) clean their paws at the door, but they just seem to accumulate the mud until it looks as though they're wearing boots.

It is for them that I developed my Pooch Soap.  It is a solid bar of soap with egg yolks and essential oils that help clean, relax, deodorize, and repel fleas.  I love it because it's such a rich, creamy soap and it leaves their fur smelling good and feeling soft and fluffy.  To be more specific, our Peek-a-Poo is fluffy and our Cockapoo, whom we like to describe as a lot of Cocka and not much Poo, is silky.  It's more fun bathing them because I like the soap so much and the results, too!  And believe me, it's happening often now.

Pooch Soap, like my others, retails for $6/bar.  Tax for New Yorkers, of course is added on, as is shipping for those not local.  Get yours today!
    Pooch Soap that Beau is advertising


Yes, the April Showers have arrived in my region, and even though warm, sunny days are more to my liking, I take hope in the adage, "April showers bring May flowers."
I'm celebrating by offering you a  Shower of Savings!

5% off purchases $20 - $30
10% off purchases $31 - $40
15% off purchases $41 - $50
20% off purchases $51 & over
(before shipping totals)

Save on everything for the month of April.

Soap scents include: Lavender*, Gingered Orange, Lilac Breeze, Groovy Patchouli*, Black Raspberries & Vanilla, Rice Flower, Mint Medley*, Sultry Sandalwood Vanilla, Fresh Clean Herbs, Spun Sugar, Daybreak* (spearmint & eucalyptus), Oatmeal, Milk & Honey in scented or no scent added, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Midnight Merlot, Peppermint Breeze*, Cucumber Mint*, Biergarten,  Honey Good, and Rice Flower.

Not on my site, but available: 

Herbal Bath Teas: Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey, Purely Herbal Blend, Four Milk Blend, and Relaxation Blend - just $2/ea. 
Liquid shower gel: Natural. 2 oz. for $4; 4 oz. $6.00;  8 oz.  $11 -  In any scent listed above. 
Lotion: Hand and body lotion - 4 oz, $7; 8 oz., $12
Foaming Soap: Comes in the seasonal Apple Pie, plus Gingered Orange, Summer Tropical, Lavender, and any other scent I sell. Just $7/bottle for 6 fl. oz.

Look for Soap and Garden on Facebook!  We just love gardeners!

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