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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cuke/Aloe/Mint Soap!

I recently made a "from my garden" batch of soap. It features cucumbers and Mountain Mint infusion from my garden, as well as aloe juice.

Why, you might ask? Because I like making soaps with food, lol. I do think the cuke lends a cooling effect to the soap, as does the mint. Aloe is just good for the skin. In reality, all the soap does is clean. You lather up, wash, and rinse. No matter what might be in a bar of soap, its basic function is to cleanse skin. It won't make you younger, suddenly gorgeous, won't get rid of wrinkles, or cure disease. What it will do is clean your skin and smell great so you'll love using it.

Of course, being clean does make you prettier or more handsome and the best defense against disease is cleanliness, but other than that, I want to make soap that looks and smells like something you'll want to use. If it feels good using it, and you like the final result, then we're both happy!

A couple of pictures are in this post so you can take a gander.

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