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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankfulness: Day 2

Today, my son, Ethan, my daughter, Megan, and I went to Syracuse to visit my freshman-in-college daughter, Emily.  We traveled back and forth safely, had a good visit to an exotic pet store, to CiCi's Pizza, and then to Five Below.  I returned home to a rested and happy hubby.

In one day alone, I thought of so many things I am thankful to my Lord for.  I already mentioned love, but I have to reiterate that I love my family!  We had a good time together and that's a wonderful thing.

But here's the rest of the list:

A car to travel in and safety in travel
The comfortable, safe apartment my daughter is living in, with a nice roommate.
The amazing array of life of the animal kingdom, from anemone to zebra!
Warm clothes
A husband and two dogs to come home to and who are happy to see me.

As soon as I publish this, I'm sure I will remember other things that I wished I would have shared, but if it inspires you to be thankful for what we consider ordinary things, then it's enough.

What would you like to add?

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  1. Beth, I just tried to post something and it disappeared. Sigh. Anyway, to try to remember what I posted, I'll say that I am grateful for the beauty that surrounds us everyday that we take for granted. Looking at your photos of the daylily and the St. John's Wort with Japanese Parsley reminds me of the beauty, colors, textures, fragrances that we have been blessed with on this earth. I am grateful for my grandson's smile, his wit, his voice, his intelligence and the scent of him as I nuzzle his soft beautiful neck with kisses. I am grateful for my handsome husband who, on rare quiet evenings, sits with me on the couch, arms touching as we giggle and joke about our day despite the very stressful lives each of us leads. I am grateful for my two children who are finally coming through a very difficult decade in both of their lives who have caused my husband and I to go completely gray (thank God for me, at least, there is hair coloring!), but I think they are finally getting it and getting better. I am thankful that we will all be traveling to our second home in New York tomorrow to prepare for a huge family feast that we will be putting on there on Thursday amidst laughter, story telling, lots of good food and many hugs. Not to mention the fire in the wood burning stove that will be warming us. There truly is much to be thankful for!

  2. So beautifully and eloquently said, Maggie! Thank you so much.


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