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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving thoughts 2

So, I never got to this yesterday.  I'll have to double up.  It's not that I don't have a lot to be thankful for, after all.  :-)

My daughter has just come back home from college for Thanksgiving, so I thank God for allowing her safe travels and for our relationship.

I also thank God for our abundance.  It is hard for me to fathom, but it has been said that the poorest person in America is wealthier than most people in third world countries.  It boggles my mind to think that as we work harder and push to get ahead because we "need the money,"  we are already wealthy.  I'll bet everyone who reads this post has a roof overhead, warmth, clothing, enough food, and. . . toilet paper!  Yes, toilet paper. 

My daughter, Amy, spent several weeks some years ago on an island in the Philippines.  When she returned home, she tried to describe life there, and one thing that came up was how many people had no toilet paper.  Well, I don't know about you, but I consider that a necessity, not a luxury!  Yet, it illustrates how rich we are; what what is basic to us, is not really essential if million of people throughout the world are doing without it.

In this vein, I am thankful that I can have the business that I do.  I live in a country that allows me to make soap and cosmetics and sell it, and my result will be a direct result of what I put into it.  I also have access to some of the most marvelous ingredients to make it.  Few products are unavailable to me in the USA, where some of my friends in other countries find it very expensive or difficult to make and sell their product. What's more, I am assured of the quality safety of what I get, so I am confident that my customers are also safe.  Now, that's something to be thankful for!


New 8 oz. lotion!  Winter is coming, and so is the need to moisturize your skin.  Do it with our larger size lotion.  Scents include:  Love My Lavender, Sultry Sandalwood Vanilla, Spun Sugar, Gingered Orange, and Honey Good (with honey)!

November is the traditional month for giving thanks.  I would like to thank my customers by offering 20% off of any sale $40 and up (before tax or shipping).  Not to be combined with any other specials.  This is your chance to pick and choose what you would like to save money on!

Soap scents include: Lavender*, Gingered Orange, Lilac Breeze, Groovy Patchouli*, Black Raspberries & Vanilla, Rice Flower, Mint Medley*, Sultry Sandalwood Vanilla, Fresh Clean Herbs, Spun Sugar, Daybreak* (spearmint & eucalyptus), Oatmeal, Milk & Honey in scented or no scent added, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Midnight Merlot, Peppermint Breeze*, Cucumber Mint*, Biergarten,  Honey Good, and Rice Flower.


Not on my site:

*Herbal Bath Teas: Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey, Purely Herbal Blend, Four Milk Blend, and Relaxation Blend - just $2/ea.

*Liquid shower gel: Natural. 2 oz. for $4; 4 oz. $6.00;  8 oz.  $11 -  In any scent listed above. (see special above)
*Lotion: Hand and body lotion - 4 oz, $7; 8 oz., $12
*Foaming Soap: Comes in the seasonal Apple Pie, plus Gingered Orange, Summer Tropical, Lavender, and any other scent I sell. Just $7/bottle for 6 fl. oz.

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