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Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving thoughts

I'm consumed right now with planning the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, work, and business, not to mention my family coming in early December.  So consumed, in fact, that I'm forgetting why we're celebrating to begin with!  Whoa.  Take a step back and breathe.

Recall the story of Thanksgiving in the US.  The pilgrims had suffered in Europe for their beliefs.  They'd been run around with no real home and no real rights; so, when the opportunity came for them to go to the new land, a place they could call their own and live as they saw fit, they took it.

The journey across the Atlantic was miserable.  In truth, they traveled at a difficult time of year, just before winter.  Many were terribly sick and the conditions on the ship were ghastly.  Once they arrived in Plymouth, it was already cold.  Nothing was growing and nothing could be started.  They had no shelter and had to quickly build basic places to live out of what they could find close by, and forage for any food they could, besides the meager rations they had brought with them.  The winter was brutal, and many died.  By spring, a great many of their number had in fact, died.  

How did any of them survive?  Because of the kindness of the natives.  They brought food and taught the people how and what to grow, as well as teaching about their native medicines.  The settlers realized this and were so grateful to the natives and to God for allowing them to survive that they held a huge celebration, using the very foods that saved their lives and by celebrating with the very people who assisted them in their time of need.  They celebrated for three days.  

Jesus brought help to the settlers in their most dire time of need, both in taking them to Plymouth and in the help of the native Americans who knew the land, and they were careful to give Him thanks for his provision.

I dare say that none of us have lived through the horrific experiences that the Pilgrims and company did.  We have not known real persecution, sickness, hardship, or poverty as they did.  We are so blessed.

I hope to list something I am thankful for each day until Thanksgiving.  Yes, I am still busy, but too busy to thank God?  I don't think so.  Join me, if you like, listing something you are thankful for.

Saturday, November 20:  I am thankful for love--the love of my family, my friends, and mostly my God, whose love is unfathomable.  He loves you and me with a perfect love.

I wish I had a fitting image to post here because, as they say, "a picture says a thousand words."  Alas, I have no appropriate photos and can't think of any copyright free pictures to post.  If you have any ideas, please let me know!


If you came to the blog to check out products and sales, please scroll down to my previous post for the November sale.  And yes, I am planning something for Black Friday.  :-)


  1. I agree. Thanksgiving should be a time when we all step off of the train of busy-ness that we all seem to ride, and take time to reflect on all the blessings we have. And I am thankful for God's provision. He daily provides for us, from opening our eyes each morning to giving us the wisdom and strength to work to provide for our families. Without God and his provision, we would have nothing.


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